Restful Sleep

059 – 2018-06-04 | ‘Restful Sleep’

One day lasts 24 hours … and on some days this time doesn’t seem to be enough. – Nevertheless, we adapt to the expectations that others put on us. We want to stay popular. – We overburden ourselves so that others are happy with us. And that’s how we destroy ourselves. 🤔
Psychology has given us the term “depression” and invented drugs to make it no longer so bad for us. 😜

But there is also the possibility to use natural products to make the pressure bearable. – The natural product that works best for me is illegal in Germany and the legal thing disturbs my work.
That means: I am not allowed to smoke weed, but I am allowed to drink alcohol. 🤦‍♂️
So I don’t smoke weed, because I do not want to be criminal… and I don’t drink because I don’t like the hangover. 🤢

The only thing left to me is a restful sleep. Sometimes dreams even help to find solutions to small problems. – So… The chances that sleep will be prohibited too, are great. 😂

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