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Posters, art prints, canvas prints, gallery prints and greeting cards
Individual, decorative art by n-dee s.
in Gummersbach (D)

Wellcome at,
the private website of n-dee s. (Andreas Schulte) in Gummersbach.

On the pages of you can find a large gallery of pictures by n-dee s. you can order as prints, too. – This website doesn’t offer this service but you can find links to the dependable online-shop where you can get the works to decorate your home.

All the pictures you can find here are based on own photos and photos of CCO Creative Commons. – These photos are free for commercial use and no attribution is required.

The reason for the existence of this website is just to show you what I can offer. – Maybe you are interested in my work for you. In this case you can use the contact form to send an inquiry. – Don’t forget to read the privacy policy.

I did my best to follow the advises of the new GDPR (german: DSGVO). – Because I’m not a legal expert it’s possible, I forgot to mention something.
In this case it only would be fair if you would informate me about my mistake. I’ll correct it immediately. – It doesn’t make sense to contact a lawyer. I don’t have no job and so I don’t have no money.
If you don’t want me to find a job (the only reason for this website) you can tell me. – I will talk to the right people in the right offices to make the stop of my efforts officiall. I live in Germany and I only have to find a responsible person for an unreasonable idea.
To be honest,… I don’t want to do that.

Thanks for your visit.

[n-dee s.]

‘FIFA World Cup 2018’

Poster Design Gummersbach

You can order ‘FIFA World Cup 2018’ as posters, art prints, canvas prints, gallery prints and greeting cards here: