Happy New Year

Individual, decorative art by n-dee s.

Accessories, envelopes & adhesive foils, clothing, stationery,
Wall paintings and home decoration

Happy New Year

Somehow I'm currently more occupied with making new pictures and offering older pictures in my shop at Redbubble than writing for a blog.
At the moment I'm working on the offer of 2017 - including the new thumbnails for this page and the page at Facebook. So it can't take long until there is a new gallery here.

I have just enough to do and that's exactly what I need to distract myself. You remember my multiple sclerosis? - I'm about to get a shot again.
But such injections are better than being constantly confronted with the bureaucratic incapacity in my home town.
I'm a bit at a loss myself as to how I can best market my pictures, but I don't need to take tips from people who know even less than I do.

Anyway... I wish you, at this point, a happy, carefree and healthy 2020.

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