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Did you notice it? – During the last years it came to an overload of this website.
Every 2nd or 3rd day a new picture was ready, I showed you all of them on this website, where I bought a new layout for, too. – I changed the provider of my online shop and I administrate two facebook pages to reach more people with what I’m offering… There you can further find everything what’s new and what I forgot to publish here, since August 2018. 😁
I fear that all was a little too much for me. I began to neglect this website as I neglected my accounts at Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn, too. – You have to know, I don’t have any support and this “job” to entertain you has nothing in store for me. 🙄 … All I get is stupid SPAM because this website has a contact form. 😩

How ever… This website will get a workover in 2019. – Many of my pictures are just the results of a self-imposed therapy and they don’t need to be mixed with salable goods. – If you want to see all my works further you should visit “Art by n-dee s.” at facebook.

Visit my new shop at RedBubble.
Of course you still have the option to order older motifs at Artflakes.

Thank you for visiting this website.
[n-dee s.]

‘Memories of Summer’

Poster Design Gummersbach

You can order ‘Memories of Summer’ as posters, murals, fashion, mobile & tablet cases, stickers, home decoration, stationery and bags here: