The Return

102 – 2017-09-19 | ‘The Return’

The last time I could really identify with other people was in 1993,… Then I lost my job. Then I didn’t have the money for the most regular activities and I didn’t want to take any alms from the working class. – The price was too high. 😉
Many people tell you that you have to work for money … But the majority isn’t satisfied with their job. – They work for possessions, which they want to impress others with and they themselves remain dissatisfied. – I never understood that. 🤔

Life is a gamble. – What you really need are health, food and sleep. A roof over your head is useful too. – Everything else is luxury. It’s only useful to bragg about what you bought. Not about what you can do or who you are. 😏

I’m not sure if I want to be like that. But sometimes I like the colours of the shiny happy people around me and then I try to adapt a little. 😉

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