Spider in the Woods

106 – 2017-10-02 | ‘Spider in the Woods’

Great,… it’s October. The month of Halloween and the time when it’s okay to make pictures a little creepy. – For the rest of the year some of my pictures are a little creepy too. But in october I have an excuse. 👻😜

A few days ago I invited my followers at facebook to send me their suggestions for pictures to share on Halloween but I fear they wouldn’t send me anything or if they do so the material would be sick enough not to be published at gfx-evolution.de 😉

So I have to be creative on my own… Let’s do it. – On this picture we have a spider in the woods.
When I was a child my mother taught me, it’s the best way to handle one of these animals to scream the lung out. – I’m happy I learned other ways. 😂
And forests,… Well,… I still don’t need them by night. 😉

Poster Design Gummersbach

You can order prints of ‘Spider in the Woods’ here:

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