Art 2016

Art & PosterDesign by n-dee s.

Posters, art prints, canvas prints, gallery prints and greeting cards
Individual, decorative art by n-dee s.

Here you can see all the pictures by n-dee s. from 2016.
Enjoy,… and don’t forget to buy what you like. – Your order will support the artist. 😊

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2016-12 This gallery at facebook
Merry Christmas 2016 Winter evening On the way into a better tomorrow The Brain Collapses
The Survivor The Curse of 2016 In Between Days  
2016-11 This gallery at facebook
Obey My Rules ubuso A sad day Midnight Creature
The Hunted It's Time to Face the Abyss Lead me back to harmony! And it still observes
Distant Noises of Other Voices      
2016-10 This gallery at facebook
Carpe Diem Six Feet Under Once there were green fields Break On Through
2016-09 This gallery at facebook
Autumn gets closer Never give up! The days float through my eyes Nella mia mente
Hopes and Fears Back to Life Time passes by  
2016-08 This gallery at facebook
Invite Me To Your Country L’être et le néant The Cat and the Seagull At the Beginning
Prisoner of the Consumer Society Habitat Felidae The Bull
Extraterrestrial Ornithology for Advanced Furry Architecture and Sky Stairway to Heaven
2016-07 This gallery at facebook
Treacherous Once there were unicorns Can't Buy Me Love Hangover-Hornet
Big Bug Stop Making Sense! Save a Prayer Alea iacta est
Away from Reality Fright Night Strange Wilderness Sahara
2016-06 This gallery at facebook
Mailbox Cheap, industrial Faith Tomorrow Arrived Yesterday On the wrong side of the road
The Search for Harmony Waiting for the Night Coast Ghosts Adaptation
My God, it's full of stars! Handle With Care! Step Inside Launch Your Life!
Another Rainy Day The Mushroom-Keeper    
2016-05 This gallery at facebook
Loss of Reality Studio Stage Residence of the Historic Domination Illumination
Vision of Things That Girl in Paris From the Depths of the Ocean Disintegration
Watching the Flower The Stitch Crawler Flora and Fauna
I met her in the forest Phrynohyas resiniferix Postcard of the past  
2016-04 This gallery at facebook
The Gift of Instinct An Exhibition Once We Had A Future Where is Life?
51643 in 2016 Dark Premonition A New Dawn Broken Home
The Process of Growing Old      
2016-03 This gallery at facebook
In the Garden Bicycle Race Rainy Day in Rock 'n' Roll City Solitude
Cologne is where my heart beats There's a Light Terror Sucks!  
2016-02 This gallery at facebook
The Day at the Lake Ad infinitum Priorities Stripes
We Built This City Keep Your Dignity! This is why I'm deaf Nature was cozier
Comfort Zone On the Border of Humanity In Dreams Fix My Speed
Designer Food Special K    
2016-01 This gallery at facebook
The future is over Goodbye Horses Things must change! I wish the wind was cold
Going with the flow Don't think! I'm impressed In the Forest
Wake up broken Time passes by The Lady in Black Dream of Freedom
E = mc² Joy in a Desintegrated World Disturbed Weekend Facing the Unknown
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