Surprised by Time

019 – 2017-01-30 | ‘Surprised by Time’

Today (2017-09-07) it was time. – The insights of at facebook told me that my project now has 1.000 more followers than the city I live in. 😊
This is probably due to the fact that the citizens sometimes react very impulsively to news here … if there are any news at all. 😂

Last week, only two people have responded positively to the new educational offer.
… Children can make cheap holidays in Greece. > 4 Likes.
… A childrens’ day will be held soon. > 12 Likes.
… That the city got a political visit from Greece. > 34 Likes.
… and 69 people think that everything was much better back then. – The city weekly publishes an old postcard… Interesting mood barometer. 😉
I also liked some news, but I’m not allowed to have any opinion. So when I’m not allowed to like something I see no reason to share posts and support the city. – Equal rights for all. 😂😜

Todays Flashback shows how I feel here. – I’m also allowed to leave, but such a move costs money and I still have not enough … I work on it. 🤓

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