062 – 2015-03-26 | ‘Mask’

Okay,… the work on my next theme-gallery for this page is getting more complicated than I thought. It’s about humans and so it’s about the species wich ignores me most. When they think they shouldn’t ignore me they don’t have no idea how they can do that… They tell me I only have to be me but when I do so… it’s wrong. Then they give me stupid advices I don’t know why I should follow them.
It is not surprising that I prefer to be alone. When I don’t have people around me I don’t have no problems… Easy living. 😄😉

Well,… It is how it is. – Because people don’t seem to understand what I’m saying I sometimes put them in pictures. I don’t believe they understand them better than my words… But that’s how I at least have my fun. 😉 … By the way: This ‘Mask’ doesn’t show a human. I started this picture with a lobster. 😂

Poster Design Gummersbach

You can order prints of ‘Mask’ here:

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