Deep Forest

019 – 2015-01-30 | ‘Deep Forest’

While reorganizing my sets at ARTFLAKES I found a lot of old works and I decided to start a new category in my Picture-Blog. – I call it ‘Flashbacks’. 😉

I’ve made a lot of nice works back then and I think they shouldn’t be forgotten. – Alone in 2015 I created more than 400 motifs and I also think that they should have a revival this year.
The ‘Jobcenter’ still has funny ideas but I don’t have further to do their work these days… They’re not so good in maths 😂 … Now I find the time to take care of myself. 😉

Of course for me it could be more atractive to live in a deep forest,… But the city I live in is a jungle too. – So,… why worry? 😊

Poster Design Gummersbach

You can order prints of ‘Deep Forest’ here:

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