The Epiphany

084 – 2018-07-31 | ‘The Epiphany’

An epiphany hasn’t to be something religious. – Generally, it means nothing more than “sudden, unexpected realization, revelation”. 🧐
The revelation for me came when I realized that I’ll never be happy when I only do what others want me to do. 🤔

I can’t remember for how long I’ve only been a servant for a society which only was interested in my services but didn’t care about me as a human. – Well,… I’m still able to offer my services but I don’t want to, anymore. 🤢

I love colours and I like it to work with photos. – If you like the results your allowed to buy them. If you don’t like the results your allowed to ignore them… But please don’t ask me if I want to work for you when you’re not interested to pay me. – Enough is enough. 😤

In this picture a kiwano appears to a man, who didn’t know about the existence of this fruit, even it was always there. 😉

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