The Bee

076 – 2018-07-09 | ‘The Bee’

This world is crazy and so am I. – Well,… I’m a little overdosed by reality and I didn’t want to concentrate more on beings in my size. They bore me and worse… They want me to be as boring as they are. – I’m not sure if I want that. 🤔

I don’t want to tell you what I’m eating because I think it’s not important if I’m vegetarian, vegan or none of them. It’s also not important if I like sports and if a team I like (or not) won a match or lost it. ⚽
I even don’t want to know where politicans decided again it’s reasonable to declare another war. It fucks me up to get informations about new refugees daily. – In Europe they mostly drown in mediterranean sea while politicans think about rejection. 😟

And even if I started to offer my work as prints on fashion I’m not interested in fashion. – I’m only interested to earn some money because money seems to be the last important thing in this world. But what happens now? 🤔
People prefere to stay voyeurs. – They like it to watch my pictures but they don’t buy them. 😴
That’s no surprise to me. – People also like it to get pissed about refugees while talking about their food and fashion or cats and dogs. It’s easier than starting to change something. 👻

So this picture shows a diligent insect. A bee watched by less diligent insects (flies). – It’s a metaphor for my life. 😉

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