People are Overrated

058 – 2018-05-31 | ‘People are Overrated’

Humans … What benefit do humans have for the survival of planet Earth? – The only thing man does for the earth is to eliminate his own destructive mistakes … and he does not even do that well. 🤔

Example: Who invented plastic and produces it to convince himself to be an intelligent species? Who uses this plastic and then throws it away without thinking? Who is responsible for more and more pollution? 🤢

Example: Who digs and drills on dead trees and animals to burn the finds and pollute the air to breathe? – Who clears forests to build houses and put furniture into it? Who disturbs the production of new oxygen? 🤢

Example: Who digs for radioactive material, enriches it, distributes the result on the entire planet and reports on the dangers of nuclear energy in devices that are driven in part by the electricity thus obtained? 🤢

Actually, human beings can’t offer anything but stupid arrogance … and maybe that’s why we don’t find extraterrestrial intelligence… We do not know what intelligence is. – People are overrated. 😉

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