Breathing in Fumes

060 – 2018-06-06 | ‘Breathing in Fumes’

With this picture I started shortly after the release of the last picture. – I heard “Breathing in Fumes” by Depeche Mode … A remix of “Stripped”. 💿
In addition, a few days earlier I had ordered the complete series “Breaking Bad” on DVD. – Somehow this series also deals with the inhalation of vapors. 🚬

Incidentally, I still do not know where to put this series. – Is it crime? Is it really drama? Is it comedy for adults? Is it about the music? 🤔
Anyway, I can laugh well about it and I like the soundtrack … mostly. 😁

Somehow, I seem to be a fan of Bryan Cranston. – I liked him already in “Malcolm in the Middle” and maybe that’s the reason for my laugh about “Breaking Bad”. 😜

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