Back to the Dream

085 – 2018-08-04 | ‘Back to the Dream’

After I noticed that my creative plans for august ’18 wouldn’t work I decided to realize them different. – I wanted to use old plugins to bring some more colour to my pictures but the new software runs with 64bit and the plugins just need 32bit. – It wasn’t that compatible as I needed it to be. So I did what I always do. I used photos. 📸

This picture got some trees, a wet lily and a human which I mirrored. – He should look like he’s reflecting about himself. 🤔
The left guy is nearly invisible but that’s okay. – Time passes by and sometimes you forget moments, situations and reactions… I think that’s not so bad. 😁

At least I reached the result I wanted. – A nice colourful picture,… Less depressive than other works I offer… It seems I’m heading back to my dream. 😊

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