Hello dear friends

Individual, decorative art by n-dee s.

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Hello dear friends of computer art,

It is now about three years since I last wrote my own blog, in German, to the public. - A lot has happened in the meantime.

It was foreseeable that many new pictures were created over the years. - However, I separated from my former "partner" for the sale. For some years now, my work has been more professional, in CMYK format and printed on more articles than just "dull" murals. - Landscape formats are now available on 44-45 different articles and portrait formats on 59-60. Unfortunately, that doesn't say anything about sales figures.

Meanwhile I also know what is wrong with my health. After a lumbar puncture, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the beginning of 2019.
I could whine about this wonderfully now, but for me it is also a kind of salvation. - Finally, the Jobcenter stops making stupid, uninteresting offers and ignoring my offers.
At the moment, I am waiting for my degree of disability to be classified and the appropriate disability ID card. - Without bureaucracy it is not possible here. Everything must be in order.

Instead of a fulfillable job offer, I'm speculating on my pension, which is more likely to become a basic pension that will bind me to Germany for the rest of my life. - Maybe a lottery win or a big inheritance will save me.

Now I don't like to wait for the death of relatives just to enrich myself quickly. I'd rather try to achieve something else.
That's why I don't stop creating my pictures. - On gfx-evolution.de you can already find the pictures for sale from 2016. A gallery with the offers from 2015 is in work.

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Do they know it's Christmas?'Do they know it's Christmas?'