Art & Poster-Design by n-dee s.

Posters, art prints, canvas prints, gallery prints and greeting cards
Individual, decorative art by n-dee s.
in Gummersbach (D)

I don’t know if it is art when you’re just doing what you love. I love it to use software to show my creative skills. – I started many years ago by composing music and I think we all can be happy that I stopped. 😂
I’m not very patient and it took me too long to create acceptable noises which didn’t last longer than a minute. – Next: It’s easy to bore me. I can’t listen to the same tunes again and again. 😴
For you it’s better what I do now because it’s easier to look away than not to listen. 😉

Some people like the results of what I’m doing now and a woman from England (Sherwood) told me in 2014 it’s art. – I still think it’s just a hobby but if you don’t have anything else to give, you accept what you’ve been told. 😁
At least it’s better than what I’ve been told before. – Today I don’t have to think that I’m nothing, that I can’t do anything, that I’ll never be someone and that I’m worthless. – My activities work like therapy for me. 🤕

For me the only art in what I’m doing is my survival. – Maybe it will be easier one day when people start to buy my works. 😊

[n-dee s.]

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Poster Design Gummersbach

Poster Design Gummersbach

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