Where Hope Grows

097 – 2017-08-30 | ‘Where Hope Grows’

When I restarted to work on this project (gfx-evolution.de) back in 2014-15, for me it was normal to create more than one picture a day without thinking about the result. – A few days ago my live pushed me in a similar situation. I started a second picture on august 29th because I felt insecure about what was comming next. So for me my activity then was defenatly a kind of therapy,… I had to calm down. 😉

When I finished my work two days ago I looked what happened and I couldn’t agree with the picture. – For me it looked like pink nonsense. I only had to ad a unicorn to make it a perfect decoration for a little girls bedroom… creepy. 😂

Yesterday, after the meeting I was afraid of, I gave this picture a workover. – To make it a little more interesting I added an eye. For me it’s a symbol for wisdom but also for hope… and where could be hope be needed most? – When you’re lost in a forest.
That’s exactly how I feel here. – For me this picture is perfect now. 😉

Poster Design Gummersbach

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