What You See & What You Get

110 – 2017-10-12 | ‘What You See & What You Get’

Tomorrow it’s friday, 13th. … So today I gave my picture some nice colours. 😊
To be honest,… Most of my days are like friday, 13th. – Okay,… right now it’s not, because others don’t want to patronize me since a few weeks. But I fear my memories are a little to strong and I have a lot to do to calm them down. 😉

For this picture I used the photo of a peacocks feather I found in my stock. I added the eyes of an owl, as a symbol for wisdom. – It’s not so bad to know what will happen next. 😉
To give this work some more calmness I added a sunrise at a coast with some trees too. – Now for me this picture is like an emotional self portrait, without showing how I look like. 😋

Poster Design Gummersbach

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