The Sky isn’t the Limit

096 – 2017-08-29 | ‘The Sky isn’t the Limit’

Tomorrow I have another meeting at the “Jobcenter”. They’ve found a new way to explain my limits. After they couldn’t give me a job, half my life, they somehow have to explain to me that it was because of my health. – I’m supposed to be examined by a doctor. 😆

Dear friends, … I’d like to let you know that you shouldn’t let your limits be explained by the unsuspecting. – I am afraid that tomorrow they’ll tell me that I’m better suited to pension than to work.
This would save the “Jobcenter” from further contact with me. For me, another authority would be responsible. – So I only would be relayed. 😉
But I am not planning to give up. – Even if they tell me that I can’t work anymore, I will continue to work … in my own way. 😊

Not the sky is the limit. – The limits are people who can’t understand you and therefore they only know that they can not help you. In order to preserve their own meaning, they show you that they don’t want to accept what you are, and that is why they try to slow you down in every way they can. 😉

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