The Hidden Bumblebee

104 – 2017-09-26 | ‘The Hidden Bumblebee’

Okay,… Elections are over and the result is not so funny. 13% of the voters thought it’s a good idea to help a right-wing party. – I don’t think that it was a clever idea. We had a problem with this kind of politic a few few years ago (1933-45) here in germany. 🤔
Now we have to see what the future will bring. – The other parties have to think about their work, so the result wouldn’t repeat next time. 😉

How ever… My world will stay colourful. I don’t stop to love nature… animals and flowers. – So here we see a bumblebee on a blossom.
Maybe I’m the only one who can see it… But thats normal. I’ve made this picture and I know what kind of photos I used. 😂😜

Poster Design Gummersbach

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