109 – 2017-10-10 | ‘Passive-Aggressive’

When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is to start my TV. The news tell me that there are people who live a much worse life than me. – It prevents my rage.

All my life everything I started was wrong. So I completely gave up new ideas.
I’m 50 yo now but my mother still want’s to tell me what to wear or how to cut my hair. If she doesn’t she tells me how wrong others live or how sick they are. – We all gonna die.
There’s no variety for me. – Today is like yesterday and tomorrow will be like today.

I love it to talk to other people… as long as they don’t tell me that they are lost too. – I’m happy if I solved one of my problems by myself. I don’t care about the problems of others. They didn’t help me… Why should I think about how to help them?

Everything is so wrong. – The best thing I can do is doing nothing. So the last fragments of peace are safe.

Don’t forget to consume. – You know where to order my pictures.

… I should write dystopias. 😂😉

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