Make a Decision

034 – 2018-03-31 | ‘Make a Decision’

Wow, … March 2018 was tough for me. I should make a decision that would completely change my life. – But for that I’d have to give up my financial security … and this security I find somehow better than insecurity… in a foreign country. 🤓

Incidentally, I wouldn’t like to sit in a foreign country in the first row, just to watch there how a person I like, breaks down,… or would be broken by somebody else. 🤢

Anything I should do elsewhere I can do here, without giving up my life.
The person who expected the decision from me can do so, too, … But she doesn’t like it here.
Not me either … But learning another language now, just to be completely without support, sooner or later? – Nah. 😉

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