Lily & Clematis

094 – 2015-08-24 | ‘Lily & Clematis’

This year in Germany it’s easy to forget how summer should be. It’s cold and wet and it looks like fall. – So yesterday I used some old photos of flowers, as I’ve seen them a few years ago. – They were taken during a walk on a sunny day in 2013.
I combined a lily with a clematis. So at least I got a few warm colours. 😉
I used the photo of the lily a few years ago but I forgot about the clematis. – I think this combination is really beautiful. 😊

This picture was made yesterday,… but I have to be at the “Jobcenter” in a few days. A doc has to check me. – I don’t want it and I’m not sure if I need it… But they told me it would be necessary. – I think I’ll have a short summer this year. 🤔
But I think it’s okay,… They need a statement why they didn’t help me since years. – I should be sorry because I try to reach my goals alone. 😉

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