Hot Wheels

107 – 2017-10-05 | ‘Hot Wheels’

In Germany we need a license for nearly everything. – Sometimes I wonder that I’m allowed to breath without any written confirmation that I can do it. 😂
How ever,… My only licenses for vehicles I got when I was in elementary school. – Believe it or not,… I can ride an ordinary bicycle and I’m allowed to do it. 😃
And when I was 16 yo they allowed me to ride a moped with 25 km/h (15,5 mph). – By the way,… I’ve sometimes been faster by bicycle when I was younger. 😂😂😂

Even I don’t have a license to ride a motorcycle but I know what’s cool. – I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do that. 😜 … I like TV-shows like “American Chopper” and I think it’s because of the designs. 😊
So today I used a photo of a cool motorcycle for my new picture… and I think it’s hot. 😉

Poster Design Gummersbach

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