089 – 2017-08-09 | ‘Escalation’

I think most of us know these moments. – We start the news in the morning and all we’d like to do next is to go back to bed. 😉
Today started with an information from yesterday. A president wasn’t satisfied by the acting of another president and he started to talk in the same way the other president did before. – Now the whole world is concerned by this stupid escalation. 💩
Wouldn’t it be better to put these childish minded creatures in a sandpit to clarify their problems by themselfes instead letting them press a few buttons to kill thousands in their name? – It could be so easy. 😉

About this picture: I started with a cat and added “Lady Liberty” to change the colours a little. A highspeed photography of a water drop symbolizes an atomic explosion. To remember Moruroa I used a horizon with palm trees. Then I added an eagle and gave it the colour of a crow. – At last I gave it a lense flare to increase the dramatic effect. 😉

Poster Design Gummersbach

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