Don’t be scared

021 – 2018-03-01 | ‘Don’t be scared’

“Don’t be scared” is based on a personal attack against me at facebook. – A few days ago one of these ticks found me… A granny with fake eyebrows tried to tell the public I used some of her photos for my pictures. 😂
She was commenting two of my pictures, wich she shared in her own timeline, for more than two hours alone… and she was very aggressiv. Maybe she forgot to swallow her meds. – Something against schizophrenia. 😜
She told me she beliefes in god, warned me against karma and I got the impression that she also considered herself a witch and a friend of voodoo. – Oh,… and she loved capital letters. 😮
Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. 😁

Well,… For me facebook isn’t the place where I can find customers. – It’s the place where people watch and sometimes like my work. – It’s also possible to find trolls here, who only can help you to control your rage. – For me facebook is more the place for psychological interest research. 🤓

Oh,… and by the way: I use stock-photos, wich are free for commercial use and no attribution is required for. – These photos I mix with my own photos sometimes. 😉
That’s why facebook-trolls can’t scare me. 😄

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