An Eye For An Eye

101 – 2017-09-14 | ‘An Eye For An Eye’

Revenge is nothing I think about. If you treated me unfair or silly I turn around and you’re no longer important to me. – You can live your life in peace and I have my peace too. 😉

Three years ago somebody who acted strange before asked me a second time if I could help him to build a website for his company. – I did it but while working I noticed that he’d like to make the same mistakes again as he did before. I’ve been his webdesigner and not the idiot who has to sell his private stuff at ebay. 💩
After he knew that I’m not responsible for this kind of service he no longer sought contact with me. 😊

A few days ago I decided to give a little workover. I fixed two bugs and I changed some colors…  And finally I had a look at the connection to Google Analytics, where I found a mistake. – Mr. Somebody decided to finish the work at his website himself and he forgot to erase a tracking code… three years ago. 😯
In between we have changes in the data protection laws. – I wrote a mail to Mr. Somebody to explain the situation… but he still doesn’t seek contact with me. 🤔

In Germany we say “Stupidity has to be punished.” 😂

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