Art 2017

Art & PosterDesign by n-dee s.

Posters, art prints, canvas prints, gallery prints and greeting cards
Individual, decorative art by n-dee s.

Here you can see all the pictures by n-dee s. from 2017.
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2017-12 This gallery at facebook
The Tree next to The Church Maximum Security Window Winter Forest Macro Moss
Visible Fragrances Dinner is served Forgiveness Winter Sun
Exploding Candy Winter Wonderland On a Cold Day Another Brick in the Wall
Waiting for Reaction      
2017-11 This gallery at facebook
The Grace of Forgetting Ice Queen Sundew & Incense Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Banana Republic Cave Invaders A Strange Day Digitalis purpurea
Power Supply Playground Cynareae Clematis in Autumn
Catawbiense Grandiflorum Next Stop,... Christmas    
2017-10 This gallery at facebook
Spider in the Woods Hot Wheels Met her in Hong Kong Passive-Aggressive 
What You See & What You Get Enjoy the Silence See, Think, Understand Hot Shit
Happy Halloween      
2017-09 This gallery at facebook
Summer is over I Need a Vacation Strange Unity in Diversity An Eye For An Eye
The Return Move in Circles, Walk on Lines The Hidden Bumblebee Duality
2017-08 This gallery at facebook
Restart Escalation Coffee Addicted Forest Fire
Watching Trees Unknown Structure Lily & Clematis The fly in the ointment
The Sky isn't the Limit Where Hope Grows    
2017-07 This gallery at facebook
New York Queen of the Night Green is for Hope First Coffee of the Day
At the End of the Night Burj Khalifa Beyond the Sea  
2017-06 This gallery at facebook
Watchdog Behind it The Face You got to Work Hard Career destroys faith
Selfish Help Doubtful Hope The Smell of Satisfaction The Last Color
Light After Shadow      
2017-05 This gallery at facebook
Chained Creativity Pollination An Idea Elected
Missionary Man Discovery Insignificant again Manchester
I can't get no... Satisfaction Baptism of Fire Nightswimming  
2017-04 This gallery at facebook
Bass Angry because of confusion You're allowed to see Minimalism
Forced Happiness While there's Life, there's Hope Lay Your Egg,... Bunny Wisdom Has Left The Planet
Detours Lead To The Goal Hard to ignore Walk This Way Wasted Time
Dreams The Lime Tree (Pure 3D)    
2017-03 This gallery at facebook
Thoughts of Loneliness Brigadoon Ignorance Give Peace a Chance
Cages Cages (Pure 3D) Black and White Thinking The Birth of Light
Heaven and Hell Neophyte Starting Spring The Birth of Light (Pure 3D)
2017-02 This gallery at facebook
It's my Party Wild Peppers Point of View Dogma
System Overload What am I? Sim One Not Fade Away
Not Fade Away (Pure 3D) Hot! Hot! Hot! (Pure 3D) Right Angles (Pure 3D) Beyond Today
Behind the Scene Psychedelic No Carnival This Year psy-CAT-elic
2017-01 This gallery at facebook
In Bastets Realm I Started Something... Tomorrow is today Hot! Hot! Hot!
The Astronaut Think Positive! The Deer Right Angles
The stitch is approaching The Mantis Crab Attack Biotin
Disoriented to Situation Eve of Destruction Smothered Hope Psycho Traumatic Event
Happy Birthday Transcendent Surprised by Time Your Past is My Future
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