007 – 2015-01-06 | ‘Om’

Some words about this spiritual work. – It was made in 2001 after a friend used my phone.
Maybe you know this situation. You have to call somebody, after a while you get bored by the talk and you start to draw. – My friend decided to draw this ‘Om’. 😊
A few days later I scaned the scribble and gave it a workover by using the latest software I had. 😎

In 2015 I found this work on an old harddisc. I resized it to offer it at ARTFLAKES and something I never expected happened. – It became my first sale… 14 years after it was made. 🤑

Sometimes I miss this friend but I hope she’s okay,… where ever she is today. 🙂

Poster Design Gummersbach

You can order prints of ‘Om’ here:

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